Mission and Values

Learn Enjoy Achieve

To provide an exceptional learning experience that enriches all students and equips them with the skills and confidence to thrive in the future.

We are ambitious for our students and hold the highest expectations for them and for ourselves. Our community values learning, cares for the planet and exhibits kindness. Every student is unique and our focus is on supporting their full range of needs so that they are able to leave college as positive citizens who will thrive on a local, national and global stage.

This is encapsulated by The Barton Wheel, which highlights the different elements of a young person’s development we will support during their time with us:

Our values:

My academic progress:

  • Making learning my priority and my responsibility
  • Adopting an open mindset and responding constructively to feedback

Planning my future:

  • Understanding how learning can open the door to a more fulfilling life
  • Developing my employability skills for success in the modern economy

Overcoming obstacles:

  • Having high expectations of myself
  • Empowering myself and being resilient

Skills for life:

  • Showing kindness and respect for others
  • Giving something back to my community

Mindful of my health:

  • Taking active steps to maintain my own good health

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