Be more active and have fun – a challenge for Barton’s girls in 2018

Barton Peveril girls are keen supporters of the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign to promote women’s sport. Ten of them are getting involved in encouraging females on campus to get more active over the next few months – the highest number of volunteers in colleges across the country.

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“Sport is compulsory at school but when young people get to college, they can lose the habit of exercise or even decide it’s not for them. This Girl Can aims to show them lots of enjoyable ways of keeping fit and healthy, including sports they may never have heard of,” says Alix. “We are also focusing very much on wellbeing, to improve mental health and reduce stress as they study for their A levels.”

Research by This Girl Can shows far fewer women than men play sport regularly – two million fewer 14-40 year olds in total. However, 75 per cent say they want to be more active.

The ten This Girl Can ambassadors are challenged to get a minimum of 30 female students taking up a new sport or activity in early 2018. An earlier activity week saw girls trying out trampolining and dance aerobics in the dark waving glow sticks.

Ambassadors Mia Hunt and Isobella Upton explain: “Sports and physical activity is a crucial part of life and not enough women are involved or feel comfortable to try something new. We want to help these women get involved and succeed at something that may be out of their comfort zone.”

Barton’s This Girl Can ambassadors are Gemma Ainscow, Bethany Warren, Heidi Bryant, Hannah Foden, Courtney Hegarty, Caitlyn Crumpler, Mia Hunt, Mia Cole, Isobella Upton and Amy Hanks

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