Special Visit for Evan Preston

Former Barton Peveril student Evan Preston’s new project is a short film titled “Dancing with Death.” The short film depicts the entity of death struggling with the constant cycle of mortality, eventually releasing the meaning it brings to life through a dramatic dance sequence. Evan also adds that he is currently working on another feature-length production but plans to hold the premiere for “Dancing with Death” in Southampton as soon as he has finished.

Evan has recruited over 80% of his cast and crew from local areas and strives to support the film industry and creative talent in Southampton and Hampshire. Councillor Valarie Laurent, the Lord Mayor of Southampton, recently visited his film set to meet the cast and crew. One of the more eye-catching members she met with was David Schaal, best known for his role as Terry Cartwright (Jay’s dad) in the hit comedy ‘The Inbetweeners’ or known as Taffy from ‘The Office.’

Evan graduated from Barton Peveril in 2018 after completing his A Level exams. Prior to this, Evan attended Wyvern College, where he studied Film Studies and Media Studies. During his time at Barton Peveril, Evan undertook Photography: Film & Moving Image, Media Production, and Film Studies. Previously, Evan has also premiered another short film in Soho, London while also returning back to participate in Barton Peveril’s Creative Industries Day to talk to students about his success and his journey after college.

Published by Louise Harper, first year student studying Business BTEC National Extended Certificate.

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