Aspire Programme Talks 2021/2022

Aspire students can find more information about each talk on the Aspire Programme Google Classroom.

October 2021


12:45pm – Environment Issues Arising at COP26 by Dr Jake Snaddon.

2:30pm – Slam Poetry and Maths by Harry Baker.

November 2021


12:45pm – Oxbridge Admissions by Joe Organ and Jon Datta

2:30pm – Oxbridge Admissions by Joe Organ and Jon Datta


12:45pm – Environment by Tom Heap, a BBC Environment and Countryfile Presenter and Author of 39 Ways to Save the Planet.

2:30pm – Busting Medicine Myths by Sandra Campbell, University of Oxford.


12:45pm – Chemistry by Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff, an extremely eminent research chemist.

12:45pm – Environment by Lucy Siegle, Guardian Correspondent and author on Ethical Living.

2:30pm – Cancer Surgery by Tim Underwood.

December 2021


12:45pm – Life of a Barrister by Sunyana Sharma, a Criminal Barrister.

2:30pm – Artificial Intelligence by Dame Wendy Hall, an expert on Artificial Intelligence.


12:45pm – Aspire Christmas Quiz

2:30pm – Aspire Christmas Quiz

January 2022


12:45pm – Applying to Summer Schools

2:30pm – Applying to Summer Schools


12:45pm – Choosing Your Subject

2:30pm – Choosing Your Subject


12:45pm – History by Christer Petley

2:30pm – Science is All at Sea by Simon Boxall, Oceanographer / Marine Biologist.


12:45pm – Geography by Dianna Smith.

February 2022


12:45pm – Making Documentaries by Michael Waldman.

2:30pm – Subproblems by James Munro.

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