Aspiring Medic Secures Place at Top Summer Schools

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College student Runoh Ahwinahwi

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College student Runoh Ahwinahwi has secured yet another place at a top summer school, in her bid to become a leading Obstetrician.

Ahwinahwi, who formerly attended Cantell School, has secured a place at the Anglia-Ruskin University Medicine Summer School. The Summer School will give the Barton Peveril student an insight into life as a Medicine student at university and will better prepare her to make a successful application in her Second Year of College.

Ahwinahwi gained her place after submitting a 500 word essay on the question ‘Should smokers be charged to use the NHS?’ Alongside Anglia-Ruskin’s programme, Runoh Ahwinahwi has also attended Medicine schools at Lancaster University, Oxford Unique, Target Oxbridge, Oxford-Brookes University, Medic Mentors at East London, and with the Sutton Trust.

At Barton Peveril, the medicine candidate benefits from the Aspire Programme and from MedVet Prep; both enrichment programmes offer students a mentor to guide them through the rigorous application process, exposure to leading academics in their field, and bespoke personal statement support and interview guidance.

“Immensely helpful”

Ahwinahwi is pursuing a career as an Obstetrician after growing up in Nigeria and witnessing first hand the gaps in the profession that is so important to individuals from all walks of life, globally.

Speaking on her success, Runoh Ahwinahwi said:

“Taking part in these summer schools is an opportunity for me to gain an insight into the methods of teaching and student life of a particular university, which would prove immensely helpful when it comes to narrowing down my five choices!”

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