Barton Peveril Alumna Receives Two Prestigious Awards at University

Elizabeth Evans at her university graduation

Elizabeth Evans, who studied at Barton Peveril from 2018-2020, went on to study Psychology at the University of Portsmouth from 2020-2023, and graduated with a First Class honours. Elizabeth was awarded the Tony Gale award for Best Undergraduate Psychology Dissertation of 2023, as well as the 2023 British Psychological Society Award, for the highest overall grades in both Level 5 and Level 6.

Elizabeth studied Psychology, Criminology and English Language at Barton Peveril and said the following about her experience at college:

Before studying at Barton I was an underachiever. I never thought that I would be able to obtain the highest grades. When I joined the College, I found my confidence in my study through the excellent teaching and support that I received (such as the feedback on assessments and my many practice essays!). The teaching as well as the supportive environment helped me to go from an underachiever to obtaining 3 A grades at A Level. Studying at Barton Peveril was truly inspiring and helped me to gain confidence in my study and progress to where I am today, so I would like to thank my A Level teachers: Keiran Shipperley, Sharon Tanner and Kirsten Anwyl. I would also like to thank all the other staff who were kind and supported me during my studies.”

Elizabeth’s dissertation was titled ‘Turtle-Snorkel Activities Negatively Impact the Behavioural Budget and Evasive Responses of Green Turtles (chelonia mydas) in Akumal Bay, Mexico.’ Elizabeth collected the data through behavioural observations with the conservation organisation Operation Wallacea. Her dissertation is to be featured in the BPS Wessex Bulletin 2023.

Elizabeth is currently in the process of applying for a Masters Degree in Zoology and Wildlife Conservation, as her ambition is to become a researcher in wildlife biology and research new and effective strategies to conserve native and international species to maintain biodiversity.

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