Barton Peveril Athletes Bring Home the Wilkinson Sword

Twenty-nine students from Barton Peveril College excelled at the AOC National Championships held at Nottingham University from 19th – 21st April. Representing the South East region, these talented athletes competed fiercely in both individual and group sports, achieving remarkable results.

Individual Achievements:

  • Badminton: Dan Wykes retained his title as National Champion after winning all of his matches.
Men’s Badminton Team
1South East
2East Midlands
3Yorkshire & Humber
5North West
7West Midlands
8South West
AOC National Championship Results 2024
(Pictured) Dan Wykes, with his National Champion medal
  • Table Tennis: Lena Chernova was crowned National Champion in Women’s Singles, triumphing in all her games.
Women’s Table Tennis Individual
1Lena Chernova
Barton Peveril Sixth Form College
South East
2Libby Haslin
Xaverian College
North West
3Neda Verpetinstaithe
Richard Huish College
South West
AOC National Championship Results 2024
  • Endurance Run: Jess Reynolds, Leo Smith, and Ben Hughes Gibbard contributed to the South East’s second-place finishes in both individual and team events.
Endurance Race – Women’s Region
2South East
3West Midlands
4North West
5South East
6East Midlands
7Yorkshire & Humber
8North East
AOC National Championship Results 2024
Endurance Race – Men’s Region
1South West
2South East
3West Midlands
4North West
5Yorkshire & Humber
6North East
7East Midlands
AOC National Championship Results 2024
(Left) Jess Reynolds for the Individual Endurance Run (Middle) Barton Peveril Netball Team (Right) Lena Chernova with her National Champion medal

Group Sports:

  • Girls’ Football: The team showed impressive skill, finishing 4th overall with standout player Hollie Hildich leading the weekend’s performance. Team members included: Lucy Bicknell, Zara Curtis, Eliza Eaton, Emilia Francis, Summer Goouch, Aimee Gritt, Pippa Knight, Sophie Lunnon, Meredith Pake, Praise Petrache, and Imani Tashin.
Women’s 7-a-side Football
1Hartpury CollegeWest Midlands
2York CollegeYorkshire & Humber
3Loughborough CollegeEast Midlands
4Barton Peveril Sixth Form CollegeSouth East
5Exeter CollegeSouth West
6Coleg y CymoeddWest
7Milton Keynes CollegeEast
8Winstanley CollegeNorth West
9Foundation of LightNorth East
10New City CollegeLondon
AOC National Championship Results 2024

  • Netball: Competing against top national academies, the team secured victories against major colleges like Cardinal Newman, Capital City College London, and Wyke, finishing 8th nationally. Izzy Pearce was named player of the weekend. Team members included: Emma Webster, Poppy Croucher, Lily Harrington, Daisy Pointon, Issy Nutbourne, Aaliyah Leavers, Mae Smith, Olivia Cole, Isabella Humphrey, Oona O’Grady, and Beaux Ball.
1Hartpury CollegeWest Midlands
2Hartlepool 6th Form CollegeNorth East
3Oaklands CollegeEast
4Loughborough CollegeEast Midlands
5Cardinal Newman CollegeNorth West
6Gower CollegeWest
7Exeter CollegeSouth West
8Barton Peveril Sixth Form CollegeSouth East
9Wyke Sixth Form CollegeYorkshire & Humber
10Capital City College Grou[London
AOC National Championship Results 2024

The South East region was crowned overall winners of the Wilkinson Sword, a prestigious trophy awarded to the top-performing region. This achievement was thanks in part to the points accrued from the outstanding individual performances.

Alix Christopher, Physical Education and Sport Teacher expressed immense pride in the students:

It was an honour to have so many Barton Peveril students representing the South East at the AOC Championships this year. The sporting talent on show was incredible, and seeing so many students from all areas of the country coming together to represent their regions and compete just shows how important sport and physical activity is to the student experience. We couldn’t be prouder of our students.

Alix, who is also the Talented Athlete Scheme Career Coordinator and Chair of the Hampshire PE Association, highlighted the importance of such events in fostering a strong sports culture among students. The college eagerly anticipates its turn to display the Wilkinson Sword, a testament to their hard-earned victory.

AOC National Championships Final Results 2024

East Midlands273RD486TH464TH1215TH
North East89TH308TH229TH609TH
North West234TH632ND388TH1244TH
South East282ND671ST641ST1591ST
South West195TH584TH552ND1323RD
West Midlands321ST632ND483RD1432ND
Yorkshire & Humber186TH417TH436TH1027TH
AOC National Championship Results 2024

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