Barton Peveril Celebrates Black History Month

The Afro-Caribbean Society at Barton Peveril Sixth Form College

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College Afro-Caribbean Society hosted its annual celebration of Black History Month. 

The stimulating event was an opportunity for staff and students to raise money for Power The Fight. An award-winning charity that aims to support young people and families to come together to end violence affecting individuals in their community. 

In the Strategic Plan of Power the Fight, CEO and Founder of the charity, Ben Lindsay states: 

Power The Fight takes a systems approach to challenge the societal inequalities which can lead to increased violence in communities. Acting as the conduit between communities and policy makers.

The students celebrated with live music performed by Richman Bana, Zee Nessa and Chimney the Great. Barton Peveril students also received the opportunity to listen and connect with guest speaker, Don John, founder of Black History Month Southampton. 

Toyosi Kitchen
Students celebrating Black History Month
Library Information Stand – an opportunity for students to learn more about Black History

Richman Bana speaks on his time at Barton Peveril:

I am here at Barton Peveril to celebrate such an amazing event with the students and we are having fun! Celebrating Black History does not only happen in October, but also throughout the year. Say no to racism and yes to love!

Richman Bana on the left with Second Year Student, Aizik Ahwinahwi on right.

Don John, Consultant of Race and Diversity and Author, speaks:

I am here today to speak with students and staff to share what Black History month is about and how that impacts the condition of Black people. This is a great time to learn history.

With over 40 years of working in the race and diversity field, Don John works as a Youth and Education officer for the Southampton Council, supporting individuals from a diverse background and is involved in developing the city’s diverse policies.

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