Barton Peveril Entrepreneurs Excel in Business Competition

Pictured above: Teacher of Business, Donna Bennett, celebrates with students on the Young Enterprise Company Programme

Two teams of students from Barton Peveril Sixth Form College have won awards in the Hampshire round of this year’s Young Enterprise programme.

The Young Enterprise programme is an annual opportunity for students to create a product and launch it, building up entrepreneurial skills, and giving practical experience in the world of business. The competition is run as an extracurricular activity, or Q-XTRA, at Barton Peveril, meaning students are able to do it alongside their courses, whether they do Business or not.

The Iris ring stand
an image of the Iris rings

In the Hampshire round, one team, Iris, won the sustainability award. CFO of Iris, Damian Milas, explained that Iris sells rings made from recycled cutlery, and they also sell wooden garden ornaments. During the brainstorming process, a team member suggested the idea, which led the team to perform market research, making it clear that there was demand for that product. The team’s big goal throughout was to strive for sustainability, so they were pleased that this goal was recognized at the Hampshire round. Going forward, the team is deliberating ways to expand and carry on selling their products.

First-year student, Damian, decided to take the Young Enterprise Q-XTRA as he wanted to pick up the entrepreneurial skills required to succeed, such as marketing, finance, and teamwork:

As the CFO of Iris, I believe that we have done exceptionally well because we strived to be the most sustainable business and thanks to our great teamwork and determination, we have succeeded in doing that.”

Another team, Lok!t, won the Innovation Award in the Hampshire Round, and made it through to the South West Regional Final. Lok!t is a brand of insulated metal water bottles, with a message to create a more environmentally sustainable community. The group’s brainstorming process initially conceived the idea of jewellery. After being unable to identify a USP, the group then changed course to build upon the changing climate, and how they can help the world, by reducing the amount of single-use plastics. A member of Lok!t, Georgina Marsden, said that the team was inspired by how many students and members of the public still use single-use water bottles, and were influenced by other entrepreneurs with philanthropic causes. She spoke about the team’s success:

I am proud of what we have built, and our success is just more of an incentive that hard work pays off”

The company is excited to proceed to the next stage of the competition, the South West Regional Final, where they will set up a stand to showcase their bottles, and interview with judges.
Another member of the team, Uri Mehta, also spoke about the team’s success:

I am extremely happy with the success of Lok!t and how everyone in our team contributed to the business.“

Students running the Lokit stand

Teacher of Business at Barton Peveril, Donna Bennett, leads the Young Enterprise Company Programme Q-XTRA.

For me, it’s all about what they have learned along the way rather than just winning the prizes! There have been lots of highs and lows but these guys have really developed and grown as business owners!”

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