Barton Peveril Explores Japan at SOAS London

In early November, Barton Peveril Sixth Form College students studying Japanese received the exciting opportunity to explore Japan in depth at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.

SOAS London challenges perspectives, broaches debate and empowers students to question the global status quo and find solutions to the issues facing the world today. The university programmes are taught by international academics with inter-disciplinary expertise who are engaged in fieldwork and research that influences governments, industries and communities across the world.

The students explored the following workshops:

Shodo Workshop:

Barton Peveril Students create their own Shodo also known as Japanese Calligraphy.

Shodo is one of the oldest and traditional art forms in Japan, developed since the 5th century. Calligraphic styles and evolved over 3,000 years of existence.

Shodo is the result of diverse techniques being accompanied by a flow of brush and ink, performed through the concept of spiritual concentration.

Manga Workshop:

Manga are comics or graphic novels originating from Japan. The style developed in the late 19th Century and is now extremely popular in today’s society.

The students were taught how to convey emotions through manga characters and how to evoke different emotions through facial features.

Studying Japanese at Barton Peveril gives students an opportunity to learn a different language alongside their core programme of study and immerse themselves in another culture.

Origami Workshop:
Music Workshop
Kokoro Workshop

In the first workshop, students delved into the Kokoro Distance Meter Project. Kokoro means the ‘individual mind’, and explores the mental, emotional, characteristic or psychological state of human beings. The Kokoro Project’s purpose is to optimise human relationships and form connections with individuals to eradicate the sense of loneliness in society.

It is said that the quality of relationships is the most important factor influencing happiness and health. By maintaining quality friendships and connections, human beings can enhance their mental and physical health and achieve contentment.

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