Barton Peveril graduate Gabi embarks on a career in film

Aspiring film director Gabi Wood is starting out on a career in the movies after graduating from Barton Peveril with top marks in A level Moving Image (A*), Film Studies (A) and Communication and Culture (A).

Her short film ‘Mind House’ will be shown at the British Film Institute (BFI) during the reception for the Moving Image Awards in January 2018.

Barton Peveril graduate Gabi embarks on a career in film

Interested in film since the age of six, Gabi was inspired by an A level field trip to a Q&A session held at the British Film Institute in London. She returned on her own to meet and network with professional film makers. Gabi’s first short film ‘Inspirational Quote Syndrome’ was created from first idea to final product in just 24 hours and went on to win the Eastleigh Film Festival and be nominated for the Winchester Short Film Festival.

“Thanks to my Film Studies Teacher, Laura Barbey, I applied for a two week BFI residential course hosted by the NFTS (National Film and Television School) and was chosen to be the only female director who hadn’t been a member of the BFI Academy,” she adds. Most recently, she has worked as a Production Assistant/Script Supervisor on the Feature Film ‘Night Shooters’, shot during the hours of darkness in London and will be the Script Supervisor for a Western feature next month.

Gabi now also directs and edits internal information videos for Waitrose. She got the job after applying for a part-time job in the café at the Chandlers Ford store and admitted her love for film during the interview.

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