Barton Peveril Hosts Talks from STEM Professionals

Students were able to pick from a variety of talks delivered about careers in STEM.

The annual Barton Peveril STEM day took place on Wednesday 8th March 2023, which saw 10 professionals and academics deliver various talks throughout the day to aspiring STEM students, empowering them for a future in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.
The programme of talks, which took place during National Careers Week, enabled students to attend the talks that piqued their interest, with a variety of subjects, varying from Maritime Engineering to Air Traffic Control.

Sarah Egglestone is a founder of software business, fflow. In true startup tradition, she covers a range of roles in the business. She spoke to students about the range if roles in the IT field:

“It has been brilliant meeting the students. They had some great questions about chatGPT and careers in IT. I came here to drive up passion for IT, and talk about how fun it is to be in IT. As well as it being very employable, and to talk about the opportunities [in the field].”

Harry Applegarth-Jones, is a Support Engineer Intern at IBM, and spoke to the students with Holly Fogg, Apprentice Associate Ecosystem Sales Specialist at IBM. Speaking about the talk they delivered, he said:

The goal for IBM, coming here today, was to help inspire younger students, helping them know that there are multiple career pathways into IBM. It was great presenting to some passionate students; they had some very well-educated questions.”

Harry (right) delivered the talk with Holly (left)

Fiona Harwood is HR & Training Manager at Fiander Tovell, a Southampton-based accounting firm. Fiander Tovell takes on apprentices, many of whom have come from Barton Peveril Sixth Form College. She delivered a talk about accountancy:

It was lovely to see so many students come along to the talk on accountancy today and I was fascinated by the depth of the questions that they had. They were clearly very interested in finding out more.”

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