Barton Peveril Principal Commends

Principal’s Commendations

Principal's Commendation Winners
Commended students Eleni Sargent, Serena Prieto and Divya Beri.

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College Principal Jonathan Prest commended a group of students for their outstanding work, progress, commitment and service to the College and its wider community, on Thursday 8th November 2018. Students are nominated for commendations by members of staff for their efforts both inside and outside of the classroom.

As part of the lunchtime event, Jonathan Prest gave a congratulatory talk to all the commended students before handing out their certificates and talking to them individually on their achievements. Praising this group, he said:

“These students have been awarded for the effort they have put into all their work, the progress they have made, and the outstanding attitude they have displayed in and around College so far this year.”

The Principal then added:

“Our students set a fantastic example in College and in the local community. I am sure they will take what they have learned here, to continue making a positive impact in their future endeavours.”

Commended Students

Former Thornden School pupil Maisie Stocks, who is also part of The One Show’s Rickshaw Challenge for Children in Need this year, was one of the students commended. Speaking on the commendation, for her role as a positive Student Ambassador, Maisie said:

“I’m really touched that my teachers would think I was worth this award and am very grateful of the recognition they have shown.”

Second year student Divya Beri, who formerly attended Noadswood School and also received a commendation, said:

“This award was delightfully unexpected. It has given me a new found confidence in myself, knowing that I am a valued student and I am doing something well. It has inspired me to move forward and keep pursuing everything I was doing before but with even more determination.”

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