Barton Peveril Show Support for Mental Health

Barton Peveril Students Help the Wider Community

Barton Peveril’s Netball Squads on Inside Out Day 2020.

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College students are continuing to raise awareness about mental health, as part of the Inside Out and Time to Talk initiatives on Thursday 6th February 2020.

For the Inside Out initiative, students and staff wore an item of clothing inside out or back to front to demonstrate how someone may look fine on the outside but not feel fine on the inside. This was part of the College’s wider activities for Time to Talk Day, where the Barton Peveril community were encouraged to continue having open conversations about mental health with friends and families to support positive mental health across the region.

Maintaining Positive Mental Health

Barton Peveril's Men's Hockey Team on Inside Out Day 2020.
Barton Peveril’s Men’s Hockey Team on Inside Out Day 2020.

Efforts for these initiatives supports wider College-lead activities to help students maintain their positive mental health. Barton Peveril run regular digital detox sessions, have recruited Barney the Therapy Dog, and train students to become Mental Health Ambassadors.

Amy Shepherd, a former Brookfield Community School pupil who met Barney before one of her exams, said: “Barney is very cute and has made me feel more relaxed before my exam, especially as I have a dog at home.”

Speaking on the initiatives, Barton Peveril College Counsellor Helen Cunliffe said: “Whilst the idea for these initiatives are fun and very simple, the messages behind them are very powerful. In a sometimes-busy schedule, we are seeing an increasing awareness in our younger generation about the importance of taking time to stop and look out for one another. We are all very proud of our students’ continued efforts to do this, helping the wider community to foster strong mental health.

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