Barton Peveril Strives to ‘Stress Less’

National Mental Health Awareness Week:

Shelley, Helen and their student volunteer
Shelley Hughes, student volunteer Rebecca Legg and Helen Cunliffe

Barton Peveril’s dedicated Health and Wellbeing team have been helping students deal with stress, in the run up to exams, as part of the Mental Health Foundation’s Mental Health Awareness Week from 14th to 18th May. The week was designed to raise awareness of mental health, with this year’s event focusing on stress, to help those in need of support.

College Counsellor Helen Cunliffe and College Nurse Shelley Hughes have been greeting students as they arrive at college, whilst dressed as bananas, providing help and advice on coping with stress; they offered free water and bananas, self-help material, and directions towards the services they, as the Health and Wellbeing team, and others offer all year round. Student Rebecca Legg (pictured), formerly of Housndown School, was among a group of volunteers who helped throughout the week.

‘Stress Less’

This coincided with the Student Committee’s events throughout the week; the students hosted a yoga session, glow in the dark dancing and organised a smoothie stand to encourage their fellow students to relax and unwind as a way to tackle and manage stress.

Speaking prior to the event, Helen Cunliffe said:

“Our aim is to demonstrate to students that being calm and relaxed prior to going into an exam will help focus and concentration, so we want to offer simple, fun interventions to ease the last minute stress.”

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