Barton Peveril Student Helps Greek Dogs

Barton Peveril Student Saves Dogs

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College student Grace Martin recently embarked on a volunteering trip to Kozani, Greece, where she volunteered for charity and dog shelter Compassion for Greek Paws.

The former Noadswood School student, who travelled to Greece with friend and organiser of the trip Jessey Mitchell, assisted with the daily care and maintenance of the dogs and the shelter. The pair raised enough money for both their flights and an additional £1,000 to be given to the charity, to continue their support after they returned home.

“Hard work truly does pay off”

Founder of the charity, Amanda Maguire Deligianni, praised the Barton Peveril student and her friend for the hard work on the trip:

“The time the girls spent here in Kozani was nothing extraordinary, but even the help for the day-to-day activities cut my day down so much. I was so ill that I could not lift a finger, but they went to the shelter and made sure that every kennel was clean, every dog was fed and had water, to go back the next day and do it all again. It’s tough and tiring, but they showed their determination to ensure that everything ran normally. The mud washes off but the memories never fade. I could never thank Grace and Jessey enough for what they have done.”

Speaking on the trip, Grace Martin said:

“It was humbling to see just how hard the volunteers at the charity work, to run such a large shelter. Hard work truly does pay off, especially when you see a scared dog start to wag their tail at you and come up for a cuddle.”

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