Barton Peveril Student is President of Virtual Medicine Society

Barton Peveril Leads Medic Mentors

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College student Ellie Martin.

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College student Ellie Martin has become President of Medic Mentors, a non-profit social enterprise with over 2000 members that are committed to helping the next generation of medics apply to, and succeed in, medical school.

Medic Mentors is a UK-wide network of doctors, medical students, secondary students, parents and teachers that assists students determined to become medicine professionals, offering support both in their application to medical school and during their time on their course, through mentoring.


Ellie Martin, a First Year student at Barton Peveril who joined from Swanmore College, was first elected as Education Officer for the charity before being asked to take on the role of President this September. Martin is now responsible for ensuring that the 2000-strong team of doctors, medical students and young people work together each week to create an exciting and interesting aid to all those who are in the process of applying to university.

Alongside her work ensuring the nation’s would-be medics are supported, Martin and the Medic Mentors committee run frequent charity fundraising events. This year, the team successfully raised over £13,000 for the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund.

The Barton Peveril student also benefits from the MedVet Q-XTRA activity at Barton Peveril, which helps students who aspire to work in the medicine and veterinary medicine sector.

Speaking on her role, Ellie Martin said: 

“The role has made me realise how possible it is to apply successfully to medical school. I am so much wiser now on the steps required to get there and because of working closely with those in or having completed the application process, I’ve found myself taking on so many invaluable tips and advice. I feel very lucky.”

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