Barton Peveril Student Premieres Film

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College student Anas Sfagsi has premiered his short film, Westleigh, to a sold out audience of friends, family, fellow students, teachers and local residents in the College’s Lecture Theatre on Friday 13th May 2022.

Sfagsi, who joined Barton Peveril from Crestwood Community School, created the film with friends from College in addition to his work on the Media Production: Video and Moving Image course.

The film takes place in the fictional town of ‘Westleigh’ and follows the trials and tribulations of a group of College students.

As part of his work on the film, Sfagsi produced poster artwork and a trailer himself as well as managing the pre-production, filming, and editing. Sfagsi also takes the lead in the project, playing the main character.

“Huge laughter and loud applause”

Director of Media, Film and Technology, Samantha James, commented on Anas Sfagsi’s work:

‘Well done and congratulations to Anas. He filled the lecture theatre not only with a cracking piece of work and a large crowd, but with huge laughter and loud applause.’

Speaking on his film, Anas Sfagsi said:

‘I created the film originally for my media production course where we had to make an intro to a Netflix show, I enjoyed making it so much I decided to make it a full short film.

‘I wanted the film to present the message that trying to be someone else and acting bigger than you are never works, as well as making the audience laugh a lot hopefully!

‘In Terms of the premiere, I was in shock at just how many people turned up as well as how much they laughed. I was worried that the film wasn’t funny enough but I was proven wrong at the premiere.The feeling I got when the audience  cheered and applauded the film at the end was unbelievably indescribable.’

Watch the film:

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