Barton Peveril Student Represents Constituency in Parliament

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Ask Her To Stand Day
Representatives for Ask Her To Stand Day

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College student Rachael Vowden represented Eastleigh Borough Constituency at Parliament for Ask Her To Stand Day, on Wednesday 21st November.

Rachael was invited to the event by Minister for Sport and Civil Society Mims Davies, following a successful letter of application. The event marks 100 years since the passing of the Qualification of Women Act, which first allowed women to legally stand for Parliament. Rachael, a former Wildern School pupil, will have the opportunity to learn more about political life and the difference females can make in politics.

The Parliament Representative

Student Rachael Vowden
Student Rachael Vowden

Speaking on the event, Rachael said:

“This is a great opportunity as it can make parliament more democratic, by allowing more females to voice their opinion and represent younger females like myself. I can’t wait to get a first-hand insight into something that really interests me.”

Barton Peveril Principal Jonathan Prest also commented on the event:

“This is a great opportunity for Rachael to learn more about how Parliament works and the role of an MP. Rachael will be marking a moment in history when we celebrate 100 years of women in the political system and the impact of female Members of Parliament. It is hugely important that young people become engaged with the political process, and that we build a diverse parliament in the future, reflecting the diversity of the country. I look forward to seeing Barton Peveril students becoming MPs!”

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  • Mrs Susan Browne


    Brilliant Rachael. With you all the way to the top. X

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