Barton Peveril Graduates Excel at University

Barton Peveril Students Perform Better Than Average at University

Barton Peveril Students are Prepared for their Futures
Please note: This image was captured before current COVID-19 restrictions.

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College leavers achieve better results in Higher Education qualifications compared to the average for Sixth Form Colleges and State Schools. This news comes after the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) published the latest tables confirming how well 2019/20 graduates, who previously studied at Barton Peveril, performed in their degrees.

Of the Barton Peveril students who progressed to University, 37.5% achieved a First Class Degree and 50.3% achieved an Upper Second Class Degree. The averages for the nation’s Sixth Form Colleges are 35.6% and 49.6%, respectively. State School students’ average grades were 35.1% and 49.1%, respectively.

This is a trend continued amongst Barton Peveril students who progressed to Russell Group Universities, the most sought after and high performing institutions in the country. In total, 94.0% of Barton Peveril alumni achieved a First Class or Upper Second Class degree compared to 91.7% of students from other Sixth Form Colleges and 91.1% from State Schools.

Over three quarters of Barton Peveril’s students, each year, will progress to Higher Education. The HESA tables indicate that Barton Peveril students are well equipped for this next step.

Strategy for the Future

Barton Peveril Students Prepared for their Futures
Please note: This image was captured before current COVID-19 restrictions.

Speaking on the success of Barton Peveril alumni at University, Principal Jonathan Prest said: 

“Barton Peveril has had a strategy for the past five years to prepare our students with the skills they need for Higher Education, careers, and success in life, not just a set of A Level results.  We make sure we do not spoon feed our students (making them over-dependent) but concentrate on developing students’ ability to think for themselves, organise their time, and know the importance of their own independent learning. 

“We encourage our students to get involved in extracurricular opportunities and to enjoy their learning. We know as a result they perform better at A Level, and this data from the Universities shows Barton students on average go on to outperform their contemporaries at the next stage of their studies.

“We are not just getting good results now at Barton on A Level and Diploma courses: we are preparing our students well for success at University.”

Jonathan Prest, Principal

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