Barton Peveril Student’s Business Raises Money for Charity

Barton Peveril Student Raises Money for Local Charities

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College student Nalah Stones.

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College student Nalah Stones has set up her own business during the pandemic and has used its success to raise money for charity. 

Nalah Bear’s Boutique, which sells hand-crafted, bespoke face masks, has so far raised over £370 for local charities whilst also helping local residents protect themselves from COVID-19.

Nalaha Stones, who previously attended Crofton School, was encouraged to establish the business by her mother who requested the student use her sewing skills to make protective face masks for friends and family. After setting up shop online, Stones raised over £200 for the NHS last year, over £100 for The Royal British Legion during the Remembrance Day period, and over £70 for Naomi’s House and Jacksplace during Christmas. The Barton Peveril student has now focused her charitable efforts towards charity Sophie’s Journey.

“We are really proud of Nalah”

Speaking on the business’ charitable successes so far, Nalah Stones said:

“I’m really lucky to have had a creative outlet like this over lockdown and it’s been amazing watching it grow into Nalah Bear’s Boutique. I feel really proud of the donations that have been raised and it’s super rewarding to know that I can use my skills to benefit and support others.”

Anneka Wass, Director of Performing Arts at Barton Peveril, also commented on the student’s success:

“We are really proud of Nalah using her initiative and creativity to start her own business and support charities at the same time. She is a prime example of how flexible, creative and resilient our performing arts students are, here at Barton Peveril.”

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