Barton Peveril Students Earn 3 Standing Ovations For End of Year Production ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’.

Barton Peveril’s Rose Theatre saw students perform their last show of the year over 3 consecutive nights from Thursday 6th July to Saturday 8th July.

Over 700 audience members attended the 3 sold out performances, all of which earned standing ovations. More than 100 Barton Peveril students participated in the production, with roles ranging from cast, crew, all the way to pit band.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame resides in the heart of Paris and is a figure shrouded in both physical deformity and profound compassion. Quasimodo is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Living in the cathedral’s bell towers, he embraces solitude while harbouring a profound love for Esmeralda, reminding us that beauty and love transcend societal norms.

We captured the thoughts of one of the audience members:

The show was out of this world with strong leads and a talented cast throughout, I laughed, I cried, I cheered. Congratulations to all involved. So sad I only got to see it once.”

Bryan Postlethwaite, Director of Performing Arts reflected on the show:

This was an outstanding production, and I couldn’t be prouder of the incredible dedication and talent displayed by our talented cast, crew, band, and creative team.  The glowing reviews received for this show are a testament to the hard work and passion that went into bringing this timeless story to life on stage.”

Andy Hilder, Head of Pupil Support at Westgate School commented on the production:

I came as part of the Westgate School, to the dress rehearsal on Wednesday and myself and the pupils were blown away by the acting, singing, set design and choreography. We felt like we were actually in the West End and considering it was a rehearsal, it was spectacular. The singing performances were amazing and we actually thought it was a backing track, only to find out the orchestra were down the corridor! Simply beautifully put together and delivered to perfection.”

Georgia Cleverley who played Esmeralda spoke about her experience of being part of the production:

Working with the cast and crew of Hunchback has been one of the best experiences. The whole cast are insanely talented and it was a joy to share the stage with them. The amount of hours and hard work that were put into this show by teachers and cast members paid off massively. Esmeralda has been one of my favourite roles to play and I will miss it very much. Was a lovely farewell to Barton!”

Freddie Harvey who played Quasimodo talked about being part of the production and playing the protagonist:

Being in Hunchback has been the biggest challenge I have faced in theatre yet. But the show was so well organised and piecing it together in the final few weeks was an enjoyable experience. This has been the best way for me to finish college and I would thoroughly recommend anyone, whether you take musical theatre or not in college, to do the college production if you have an interest in the arts!”

Photographs courtesy of Holloway Photography.

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