Barton Peveril Students Learn About Life Behind the Iron Curtain

Barton Peveril Welcome LtCol Markus Albrecht

LtCol Markus Albrecht.

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College welcomed LtCol Markus Albrecht, who delivered a talk to students studying the German A Level about his experience of life in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Albrecht, who grew up in East Germany and currently works for the British Army, shared his insight into growing up in Germany during the Cold War and his experience living in a Communist country. Albrecht also delivered a short lecture on the historical and political background of the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The Barton Peveril students who are completing the German A Level are currently studying the film Good Bye, Lenin!, which is set in Berlin shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall. This lecture, and the study of the film, helps students to immerse themselves in the historical background of the language they are studying.

“Thoroughly informative”

Speaking on the lecture, Barton Peveril Subject Leader for German, Jacqueline Cheetham, said:

“This was a thoroughly informative talk, detailing some of the complexities of life behind the Iron Curtain. Thank you to LtCol Markus Albrecht for sharing his experience with us.”

LtCol Abrecht also commented on the talk:

“I have to say it was a pleasure to have the possibility to speak about my time living and growing up in the former GDR! It was interesting to see what the knowledge here in the UK is about this time! Especially my explanation – including my feelings and thoughts – regarding the last month from the Monday demonstrations via the Wall break down till the reunification was very emotional and I was very delighted that I found a real interested auditorium! It was a great day for me to have the chance to talk about the reality in the GDR and I would do it again – every time!”

Each year, Barton Peveril welcomes a wide range of guest speakers who help to broaden the learning of the Hampshire-based College’s students. Weekly lectures take place as part of the Aspire Programme, which helps those top achieving students succeed in progressing to the country’s best universities and most competitive jobs. The Careers Department host a number of ‘Careers in’ days that invite professionals from industries such as the performing arts, healthcare, and maritime to share their experiences with students.

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