Barton Peveril Students’ Live Jazz and Soul Night

Barton Peveril’s Jazz and Soul Night watched by a global audience

You can watch the live streamed performance, at the bottom of this page.

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College Popular Music and Jazz Studies students performed in their first ever live streamed performance, which was watched by over 5,000 parents, students and the wider community across the globe on Thursday 19th November 2020.

As well as a large audience across the south, viewers tuned in live from Australia and Greece to watch the students perform a medley of popular music and jazz songs for their Jazz and Soul Night. A total of eight different cameras were used on the night, with a full technical team working to make the event possible for the students involved and the audience watching at home.

The performance took place across the College’s large performing arts facilities, with stringent social distancing measures in place to allow the performance to happen despite the Covid-19 pandemic. All students were at least two metres apart, screens were placed in between each performer, personal protective equipment was used by every member of the performance, equipment was cleaned after each transition, and the rooms were fumigated in the changeover between First and Second Year students in the interval.

Barton Peveril Students' Live Jazz and Soul Night behind the scenes

“A huge success”

First Year students opened the show, performing as part of a College assessment. Second Year students then closed out the night, with their set featuring material used for conservatoire auditions and their renditions of popular songs. Multiple cameras were used throughout the performance, to show off each of the Barton Peveril students involved on the night to the viewers at home.

Barton Peveril Teacher of Popular Music and Jazz Studies, Bryan Postlethwaite, said:

“Thank you to everyone at home for joining us. It’s such an amazing thing for these young people to know there’s an audience at home watching them perform. Well done to our wonderful students for their incredible hard work and performances, you are amazing!”

Barton Peveril Director of Performing Arts, Anneka Wass, also commented on the event:

“The live-streamed Jazz and Soul Night was a huge success. We had lots of viewers and positive comments and I was really proud of the work the students had put together. This was the first live stream event we have put on, and I am really impressed with what our students and staff have achieved.”

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  • Mrs. B. Lee


    I so enjoyed listening and watching their performance. Such young talent and I’m proud of everyone of them. It’s a nerve racking thing to perform in front of an audience and to think it was worldwide too. Amazing! Thank you. From one happy, proud grandmother.

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