Barton Peveril Students Overcome Obstacles

In November 2022, several Barton Peveril students sat their GCSE Maths.

The students felt ‘well-prepared and supported’ by their teachers for the exam. 

At the beginning of the academic year, Barton Peveril welcomed students from Ukraine, working closely with the student’s transition, supporting their time at College. Since the transition, the students have progressed successfully. The National curriculum aims to ensure that students are fluent with the fundamentals of mathematics, it is an essential every-day life skill in education and in employment. 

Ukrainian student Vladyslav Piatun received a Grade 5 in his Maths GCSE, Piatun exclaims: 

“My transition here has been good. I have been given guidance and support and my GCSE results made me feel more confident in myself.”

Student Zhenya Zakharchenko also achieved GCSE Maths grade on first attempt. 

Former Noadswood School student, Izzy Le Huray and former Upper Shirley High School student, Lottie Grant also achieved their GCSE Maths grade.

Kyle Evans, Director of Maths and Computer Science speaks:

“I am delighted that so many students have reached a grade 4 or above in the November sitting – especially those who have overcome significant obstacles or are sitting for their third or fourth time. These students will have substantially better life chances with their grade 4 or 5 in maths, and the credit should be shared equally between these hard-working students and our GCSE team headed up by subject leader Ellen Ward.”

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