Barton Peveril Students Stage their own Mock Trial

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College Students stage their own mock trial with Gemma Hargrave. 

On 25th January, 30 students had the opportunity to imitate a trial. Mock trials are typically used to prepare lawyers for a real-life trial. The students participating, gathered information provided to learn about the legal system in a competitive manner.

By working in teams, students experience skills such as team work, advocacy, research, listening, investigation and attention to detail.

Principal lecturer and solicitor in the School of Law, University of Portsmouth has been with the law school for 10 years and runs the clinical legal education provision. Within that provision, Hargrave supervises a legal advice clinic which oversees over 300 clients a year. Additionally, Hargrave runs a 40 credit module: The Community Lawyer. This module allows students to work in a legal organisation in the final year of their degree. 

The intention of the mock trial was to engage and enrich students in an activity that builds the necessary skills they are to use for students who decide to study law at university. 

Roo Tovey formerly of Crestwood Community School says:

“In my opinion, I enjoyed the mock trial as it gave me a great insight as to how a trial is ran, both in depth and as a whole. Although I don’t plan to become a lawyer as such, it developed my interests within the field of law and the steps I wish to take next, in the following chapters of my career”

Gemma Hargrave speaks on the session with Barton Peveril students: 

“Having grown up in Eastleigh, and still living in the local area, I am really pleased to be able to bring the UOP law experience to Barton!”

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