Barton Peveril Business Students Collaborate With The University of Portsmouth’s Enterprise Programme

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Vocational Business students from Barton Peveril Sixth Form College participated in the University of Portsmouth’s Enterprise Programme which aids students in becoming more creative, innovative and unique when they begin to think about starting their own business.

The University of Portsmouth compiled a programme for Level 3 students to learn from their very own ‘Entrepreneurs in Residence’. The sessions covered the following:

Knowing Your Why:

Session 1 gave students an in depth evaluation of how to ‘know your why’ within a business. The session starts off with Presenter Becky Lodge founder and MD of LIttle Kanga Marketing and the Startup Disruptor Entrepreneurial Startup Community – discussing how she overcame her fears of public speaking as an introvert, encouraging others in the room to follow the same ideals. This was followed by an exploration into the three core competencies: self awareness, self efficacy, valusing opinion. 

Being Resourceful and Responsible:

Session 2 featured frozen food entrepreneur, Mitch Lee discussing how to be resourceful and responsible. The students were given the opportunity to work on their problem solving skills by finding a solution to an issue of their choice. 

What Does Resilience Mean?

Technical recruitment entrepreneur, Simon Garter educated our students on the importance of resilience, motivation and perseverance and 3-core aspects of entrepreneurship. He told the story of his rise to success and the struggles he had to endure while using the core aspects along his way.  Barton Peveril students were given the opportunity to reflect on their own life and how they persevered through difficulties. 

Problem Solving:

Session 4 invited Marriance Withers, CEO of Variety Tech to speak on problem solving in which she shared the importance of planning. Withers delivers why one would plan and how to plan. The importance of networking was also emphasised to the students and they were given the chance to improve their skills through a communications exercise. 

Uncertainty, where are you now?

Legal firm CEO, Graeme Quar shared his work life story in the industry and how he rose to his successes. He emphasises how uncertainty can affect businesses and the importance of planning ahead. Students explored the circle of control and looked at how much they can control and how much they can influence. 

Growth Plans:

Session 6 provided a more interactive experience for the business students informing them on levels of effectiveness and growth plans. Students considered the SMART objectives and had a go at planning their enterprise journey utilising these skills. 

Students of Vocational Business Studies speak on the event:

Made me realise how to have a positive mindset and how to get through failures by learning from them. Also helped me to have more motivation and have more of a growth mindset to reach my end goal.

The activities that we did covered the topic well and they were easy to do it also helped me understand what I need to improve

Helped me realise i should go out of my comfort zone and try new things

These sessions were able to create a bridge between the theory that the students study in class and the skills they will use in their work experience and in Higher Education. By hearing from such successful professionals within the industry, students are able to grasp how their theories are used in everyday practice. 

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