Barton Peveril Students Volunteer in Nepal

Barton Peveril’s Incredible Student Volunteers

A group of 13 Barton Peveril Sixth Form College students have completed a successful volunteering project in Kathmandu, Nepal between 23rd October and 1st November.

The project saw the Barton Peveril students work on a rural Nepalese school across four days, after experiencing Nepalese culture at the start of their trip. The students deep cleaned and painted the classrooms, sanded doors and shutters, and built a fence around the school to keep the children safe. The College students collectively raised £5,000, which enabled them to build the fence around the school site.

Barton Peveril students have previously volunteered across Africa but this is the first-time students from the College have volunteered in Nepal. A new group of students will go on a similar volunteering project in Nepal in 2021.

Speaking on the Project

Barton Peveril's Group of Student Volunteers

Barton Peveril’ Subject Leader for Health and Social Care, Jodie Lindsay-Watson, accompanied the students on the volunteering trip and praised their efforts:

“During the half term break 13 Barton Peveril students embraced the opportunity to take part in a school refurbishment project in a rural area of Nepal. The students loved spending time with the Nepalese children, laughing singing and dancing. They have made such a difference to so many lives.”

Former Wildern School student Maisie Mann, who was part of the volunteering group, added: “I decided to go on this trip was because I really wanted an eye opener into other cultures around the world. Living in England, I feel as though we have become so used to our everyday lives and comforts that I wanted to travel to Nepal to realise that there is so much more we could learn from these other cultures. The experience of this trip was truly amazing and allowed me to discover a different way of life and that we simply shouldn’t focus our lives on money and success.”

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