Barton Peveril Teacher Launches the Gaussian Group for Mathematics Students

Mathematics students wearing Pi ties

Serkan Karakus, Teacher of Mathematics at Barton Peveril Sixth Form College, successfully launched a new group called the Gaussian Group in January 2023.

The group is made up of 7 Barton Peveril Maths students, and the aim was to teach students who had an interest in the topic, how to use LaTeX/Overleaf to type their chosen project like a research paper style and present using PowerPoint or Beamer presentation.

The group meets once a week, so that the students can learn how to type their chosen projects into LaTeX (program) – an alternative to LaTeX is Overleaf (online version). LaTeX and Overleaf allows students to write their projects in the research paper format. LaTeX is widely used by masters/ PhD students as well as lecturers.

The Gaussian Group enabled students to learn how to create a LaTex document and write abstract and introduction paragraphs, common mathematical notation, challenging calculus notations, plotting graphs, adding brackets, tables and more.

We have listed the students involved and the titles of their chosen projects below:

  • Sonny Hope – The Limitations of Econometric Models
  • Alex Jones – Maximising the efficiency of self-powered transport
  • Garam Lee – Generalising the combinatorics behind Bobby’s booby-trapped safe
  • Abdul Mahdi – A simplification of Fourier Analysis and some of its applications
  • Hayden Smith – Phantom Graphs
  • Joey Smith- Predicting the size of Black Holes
  • Flynn Stevens – Golf balls: Driving down the price

At the end of their presentation. Each student was awarded a maths Pi tie for their hard work and achievements. The Maths Pi Tie was funded by Maths teacher, Jack Brown’s YouTube channel @TLMaths. 

The reason behind giving Maths Pi Ties was to open a good conversation between the university interviewer and the students, which would lead to talking about the research they did at Barton Peveril Sixth Form College.

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