Barton Peveril Welcomes International Bestselling Author Simon Singh

Simon Singh with Barton Peveril Sixth Form College students

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College welcomed international bestselling author, Simon Singh, on Thursday 29th September 2022.

Singh, who spoke to students from the Hampshire-based College as part of the Aspire Programme Lectures, is a popular science author whose works include Fermat’s Last Theorem, The Code Book, Big Bang, and Trick or Treatment? Alternative Medicine on Trial.

“An inspirational speaker”

The author’s attendance was organised by current student Charlie Bryant, who joined Barton Peveril from Wyvern College and benefits from the Aspire Programme. The Aspire Programme is a bespoke programme of support for the College’s high achieving students, which equips them with experiences and insight beyond the curriculum to facilitate their career goals.

Speaking on inviting Simon Singh, Bryant said:

“I had known about Simon after reading his popular books on mathematics, and I was interested in hearing from him directly about his career in research and television.

“Fortunately Kyle Evans (Director of Mathematics) knew of Simon, and introduced me to him via email. We exchanged several emails about dates and the content of the talk, mutually agreeing on a date in September. With the collaboration of Shoonagh (Head of Careers), me, and Kyle, we got the talk over the line.

“Simon spoke about his career path, from studying at Imperial, Cambridge and CERN, as well as his career in media from writing to television. The Aspire Student Committee has been an incredibly valuable opportunity for students to hear from the speakers and researchers who really inspire them. With his diverse background in physical sciences and the media, Simon will be an inspirational speaker to not only STEM students, but students of all interests.”

Speaking on his visit to Barton Peveril, Simon Singh said:

“It’s always nice to meet new students and see their enthusiasm for Maths and Science.”

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