Barton Peveril’s Award-Winning Wildlife Photographer

Barton Peveril Student’s Work Exhibited by Longleat and Birdworld

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College student Katie Goodson's Tiger photo
Credit: Katie Goodson

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College student Katie Goodson has had her work selected for two different wildlife photography exhibitions, run by leading organisations in the United Kingdom: Longleat Safari Park and Birdworld, respectively.

The Barton Peveril student, who joined from The Henry Cort Community College, received recognition for both photos after posting them online on her Instagram account.

In October, the student had a photo of a barn owl featured in an exhibition organised by Birdworld where it is still on display. Now, the student’s photograph of a tiger, captured at Longleat Safari Park, is on display in their in-house exhibition.

“Proud of my achievements”

Credit: Katie Goodson

The Second Year student pursues photography both as a hobby and as part of her programme of study at Barton Peveril, where she also studies Textiles and Mathematics. Goodson is now looking to join the College’s Level 4 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, which is endorsed by the University of the Arts: London, after completing her A Level studies.

Speaking on her success, Katie Goodson said:

“It has definitely boosted the confidence in my photography, being recognised by these big organisations. I’ve always been interested in photography, taking it up with my Dad when I was younger. My Dad was especially proud of my achievements.”

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