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Student Success

All Award Winners
Barton Peveril’s award winning students.

Barton Peveril’s Chemistry students have competed in the national Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, run by the University of Cambridge, earning a number of awards for their impressive results. 7964 students from around the United Kingdom entered the Challenge overall.

The challenge required students to sit a rigorous 90 minute exam with a range of chemistry related questions; a large majority of the questions were extremely difficult A Level questions, with some going beyond the syllabus and into undergraduate level knowledge.

Students, who chose to enter the competition themselves after being made aware of it by their teachers, achieved a number of different level results. An impressive 17 students won the Copper Award, seven students won Silver Awards, two were awarded Gold certificates and one student was awarded the highest prize, the Roentgenium Award.

Top Prize

Patrick Winter, who formerly attended Thornden School and won the Roentgenium Award, scored 54 marks out of 60. This result places Patrick among the most elite Chemistry students in the country, as only 54 students of the 7964 that entered won the top Roentgenium Award. Patrick has been invited to a residential camp at the University of Cambridge in August and a reception in London later this year, where he will receive his award, as a result of his high score.

Patrick Winter
Roentgenium Award winner Patrick Winter.

Speaking on the success of the pupils, Subject Leader for Chemistry Andrew Penson said:

“We are incredibly proud of all the students who took part in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge this year. It’s great to see our students rewarded for their hard work, tackling questions at undergraduate level so successfully.”

Former Brookfield Community School pupil Tamzin Ellis also commented on the challenge, after earning a Gold Award:

“I was incredibly pleased to receive the Gold Award. The paper was a great challenge and I’m so glad I pushed myself to take it.”

Gold Award Winners
Gold Award winners Tamzin Ellis and Daniel Gooding.

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