Barton Peveril’s Dance Show

One Night Only Dance Show 2019

The One Night Only Dance Show 2019 students, with Subject Leader for Dance Laura Harvey (centre).

Barton Peveril students displayed their dancing talent in the One Night Only Dance Show 2019, held in the College’s Rose Theatre on Thursday 16th May to local residents, friends and family. The showcase contained a range of performances from students across the College, both those who study Dance and those who pursue it as part of their Q-XTRA programme.

The students performed pieces used for final exams and auditions to Performing Arts Schools, devised group and solo performances and it was the last time the Second Year Dance students performed together as a group before leaving College in the summer.

Barton Peveril’s Talented Dancers

Barton Peveril Second Year Dance Students

Speaking on the success of the night and her students, Barton Peveril Subject Leader for Dance Laura Harvey said:

“I am so proud of all the dancers. They demonstrated a high level of professionalism throughout the show and their performances were outstanding. It was a fantastic evening of dance that showcased the sheer talent of our students and the love and passion they have for dance.”

Barton Peveril Dance Showcase

Former Bitterne Park Secondary School student and dancer Lexi Deighton commented on the showcase:

“The show was very organised, which made it run smoothly and professionally. It was great to have A-Level Dancers come together and celebrate our hard work and progress. It was also great for the second year’s to dance together for one last time.”

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