Barton Peveril’s German Day

Modern Foreign Languages

German Day

Barton Peveril welcomed pupils from across Hamsphire’s schools, for a German Day. Pupils from Brookfield Community School, Wildern School, Wyvern College, The Gregg School and Noadswood School attended the event.

The day, which was supported by the Goethe-Institute, gave pupils an insight into the world of work within modern foreign languages. Pupils experienced a range of sessions designed to showcase the career possibilities available to them with fluency in German and other modern foreign languages, including a hands-on advertising session that saw the pupils create an advert for their own German product.

Pupil Praise

Wyvern College’s Curriculum Leader MFL, Ms Ashdown, praised the event:

“We all thoroughly enjoyed the day. There was a lovely mix of activities for the students and they were really engaged throughout. The highlight for them was definitely writing and filming their German advert.”

Wyvern College pupils also said:

“I loved it! Interesting, exciting and fun.”

“The activities were really engaging and the day was great fun. I learnt lots.”

“It was really interesting to see how you could use German in your future life.”

One Comment “Barton Peveril’s German Day”

  • Helen Wheelwright


    It was lovely to see you all enjoying using German. Well done to you all. And a great big thank you to The German Embassy in London for donating the fabulous prizes!

    Helen Wheelwright, German Teacher at Barton Peveril Sixth Form College

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