Barton Peveril’s Inaugural Physics with Mathematics Awards

Barton Peveril Governor David Robinson (left) and award winner Daniel Williams.

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College is celebrating its inaugural Physics with Mathematics Awards, following the awards ceremony that took place on Friday 23rd September 2022.

The Physics with Mathematics Awards celebrate the achievements of two Barton Peveril students, one from the First Year and one from the Second Year, who study Physics and Mathematics A Level courses. The First Year award celebrates commitment and effort, whilst the Second Year award celebrates overall performance.

This year, Daniel Williams (previously of Hounsdown School) won the First Year Commitment and Effort Award and Ashraf Alam (formerly from Cantell School) was awarded the Second Year Performance Award. Williams will now continue into his Second Year of study at the Hampshire-based College, whilst Alam will progress onto the University of Oxford to study Mathematics.

“Proud of their success”

The Physics with Mathematics Awards are funded by Barton Peveril Governor David Robinson. Speaking on the awards, Robinson said:

“I’ve had a fulfilling eight years with the College as a Governor and for seven of those years I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a mentor to a number of extremely bright students who aspired to read science subjects at the best universities in the UK, including Oxford and Cambridge.

“I’d previously built a varied and successful career in different industries and with a background of sciences, particularly physics and mathematics and so I thought a special contribution to the College and its students would be the sponsorship of academic awards in Physics with Mathematics.

“The recipients should be proud of their success. I would encourage the students to enthusiastically share their success with those around them including family, friends and, of course, the staff who, I’m sure, had some small part to play in their performance. My heartfelt congratulations go to both this year’s recipients Ashraf Alam in the Upper Sixth and Daniel Williams in the Lower Sixth.”

Daniel Williams commented on his success:

“It was a pleasant surprise to receive the invitation letter as I felt privileged to have been nominated. It was nice that the hard work I put into my studies last year hadn’t gone unnoticed.  This recognition will help motivate me throughout my Second Year to continue to give 100%.  Prior to the event I hadn’t fully appreciated the significance of the award, it is definitely something I can put on my UCAS application and my CV which will make me stand out from others.”

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