Barton Peveril’s International Mathematician

British Maths Olympiad

Patrick Winter

Barton Peveril student Patrick Winter earned his place as a member of the British Maths Olympiad Squad, during a Selection Camp at the University of Cambridge.

This initial squad contains 10 of the country’s top Mathematicians, who will represent the United Kingdom in international mathematics competitions. Patrick’s first competition with the squad is the Balkans Maths Olympiad, held in Moldova, in three weeks’ time. After this competition the Olympiad Squad will be narrowed down to six individual spaces, one of which Patrick is determined to earn.


The former Thorden School pupil, Patrick Winter, commented on his selection:

“I’m both overjoyed and a little surprised to hear that I’ve been chosen to represent the UK in Moldova, and potentially in the main International Mathematics Olympiad as well! I look forward eagerly to the competition and the event surrounding it. The sense of community among the Maths Olympiad circle is very strong and I’m very glad to be a part of it.”

Barton Peveril Director of Maths and Computer Science, Kyle Evans, praised Patrick on his selection for the team:

“We knew Patrick was a talented mathematician when we persuaded him to enter the Senior Maths Challenge in year 10 and he beat most of our year 13s! Since then he has gone from strength to strength, scoring full marks in every further maths exam last summer, and then in the British Maths Olympiad this year. The whole maths department is delighted for him and it is all down to his hard work and thoroughly grounded personality.”

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