Barton Peveril’s Online Open Events

Barton Peveril Host First Online Open Events

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College welcomed over 3,900 Year 11 pupils and their parents to the College’s first ever Online Open Events, on Thursday 8th and Saturday 10th October 2020.

The events were designed to provide guests with an insight into life at the Hampshire-based college, including an opportunity to hear from and speak to staff and current students in the live sessions that took place throughout both events.

Barton Peveril's Live Open Event Question and Answer Sessions
Barton Peveril Principal Jonathan Prest, participating in a live Question and Answer session.

The events’ bespoke website hosted course overview videos and live drop-in sessions for each of its 53 subjects. Across both events, eight live question and answer sessions also took place; four with Principal Jonathan Prest and four with current students Megan Roberts and Ryan Granger, formerly of Wildern School and Brookfield Community School respectively.

Commenting on the live sessions, Ryan Granger said:

“Obviously it was slightly nerve wracking, though it’s certainly good to share your experiences with prospective students in the hope that they can enjoy the same atmosphere we all feel at Barton Peveril.”

“A pleasure to welcome visitors”

Barton Peveril's Online Open Events Page
Barton Peveril’s Online Open Events home page.

Alongside course-related information, the events offered a unique insight into the wider experiences the Year 11 pupils in attendance can expect, when they join the College in 2021.

Information was available on the College’s Q-XTRA programme: a collection of over 100 activities that students can partake in to support their studies, their health, their community, and their futures. 

The College Nurse and Counsellor, Student Progress Advisers, and Learning Support Team were available to chat live with visitors across the dates. Information on travelling to college and the application process was also available, to help those Year 11 pupils in attendance think about their next step.

Speaking about the events, Barton Peveril Principal Jonathan Prest said:

“It was a pleasure to welcome visitors to our Online Open Events. These events offered a chance to learn more about all we have on offer, here at Barton Peveril, but we look forward to meeting Year 11 pupils and their parents in person, I hope very much, in the Spring and Summer Terms. Good luck to those pupils as well, and to their parents and guardians who are supporting them, in their last year of education.”

Still Open!

To continue to help Year 11 pupils make an informed decision about their next steps, the College is keeping access to this event open for an additional week – until Monday 19th October 2020.

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