Barton Peveril’s Performing Arts Department raise over £3,300 in memory of former student

Barton Peveril Raise Money for Young Lives vs Cancer

Barton Peveril students performing Oklahoma! in the College’s Rose Theatre.

Oklahoma! was recently performed by students from the Drama and Performing Arts Department, to great acclaim, directed and choreographed by Anneka Wass, Joshua Prentice-Raine and Victoria Radido

The popular shows suggested donations for the charity Young Lives vs Cancer and impressively raised over £3,300 to support children and young people with cancer and their families. This was all in memory of former student, Grace Keeping.

Emma Clammer, Teacher of Drama and Performing Arts had taught Grace and wanted to find an opportunity to raise money in her memory and share some of her spirit with others. Anneka Wass, the Head of Department suggested that they use the proceeds from the musical and concerts. 

‘Gracie’s extraordinary spirit and courage’

Barton Peveril students performing Oklahoma! in the College’s Rose Theatre.

Emma Clammer said:

“There are few of us in life who can claim to have been a force for good and a positive influence on everyone they meet but every once in a while we get to meet someone whose positivity and resilience is so strong that we are inspire by them to be a better version of ourselves. Gracie was one of those people. Grace’s extraordinary spirt and courage modelled for us all a way to face adversaries with dignity. I would like to encourage everyone to BE A LITTLE MORE GRACIE. 

“We dedicated the shows to Gracie whilst wanting to support a charity that helped her and her family. I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to the shows for their kindness.” 

Grace studied Drama and Theatre, Fine Arts and Photography at Barton Peveril College. She was 16 when she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic lymphoma. After a little over two years of treatment and clear of cancer she relapsed and while having treatment she was diagnosed with another lymphoma. Grace received her transplant on the 18th Dec last year and sadly passed due to complications on the 3rd Jan this year after a total of 3 years treatment. 

Karyn Keeping, Grace’s mum said:

“We are extremely proud of Emma, her team and pupils at Barton Peveruk for their kind words their support and the amazing funds that they raised. We are also so proud of the impression our beautiful daughter must have made in such a short time to receive such a wonderful heartfelt accolade. We love the quote Be a little more Gracie, it’s just so precious to us and our family.” 

Liz Blunt, Senior Fundraising Engagement Manager (Hampshire) at Young Lives vs Cancer, said: 

“Emma’s words are really moving about Grace and it’s so upsetting hearing that someone passed away at such a young age from cancer. My thoughts go out to Grace’s family and friends. 

“It’s incredibly kind of Emma to organise the performances in aid of Young Lives vs Cancer and a massive thank you to Emma and the brilliant cast for fundraising in Grace’s memory. The generous funds they have raised can pay towards our charity Social Workers who are based at Southampton Hospital. These staff provide essential tailored support at such a harrowing time for families:  From helping families access a grant so a family can have money to help with fuel costs or providing a free place to stay or providing bereavement support, they help with whatever is needed.”

The charity don’t receive any government funding and can only provide the support they do thanks to supporters like Barton Peveril College staff and teachers.

To find out more about the charity please go to 

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