Barton Peveril’s Weightlifting Women

Olympic Weightlifting at Barton Peveril

Barton Peveril’s This Girl Can ambassadors with Lakeside Weightlifting Club’s Lizzie Havers.

Barton Peveril hosted an Olympic Weightlifting session, run by Lakeside Weightlifting Club’s Olympic Weightlifter Lizzie Havers, as part of their This Girl Can programme. 17 female students attended the session and had no prior experience of the sport.

Over the course of the session, the students were taught how to perform a technical Olympic Lift called the ‘Snatch.’ The session was part of Barton Peveril’s This Girl Can campaign, run by student This Girl Can Ambassadors, aimed to get females more active and engaged in sport at College and in the local community.

Lifter Weighs-in

Speaking on the session, Lakeside Weightlifting Club’s Lizzie Havers said:

”I enjoyed working with the girls. Weightlifting is a challenging sport to learn and they all rose to the challenge, worked hard, and as such were able to learn the basics of the snatch in one hour which is no mean feat. I love the This Girl Can campaign as it has introduced many more ladies to our sport that may not have ever been aware of it. This campaign was awesome as the girls chose to try weightlifting having never done it before. I look forward to returning in the near future to deliver another session for the guys too!”

This Girl Can perform a snatch

Barton Peveril Teacher of Sport Alix Christopher also commented on the session:

“It was a really great session and was very different to what the girls had imagined weightlifting to be like! I was really impressed, some of the students were really good! It’s so important to look for different opportunities when trying to encourage new participants and our ambassadors have done really well by selecting this sport. The feedback has been great and we are already looking at when we can run the next session.”

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