Barton Peveril’s Wellbeing Mentors

Wellbeing Mentors

Left to right: Ella Hibberd, AJ Robbins, Tayyeba Miah Caroline Adjare, Teacher of Psychology Keiran Shipperley, Isobel Heer, Callum Matthews, Tak Rayhan and College Counsellor Helen Cunliffe.

15 Barton Peveril Sixth Form College students have become Wellbeing Mentors, after completing the College’s Wellbeing Mentor Development Programme. The programme develops students’ skills in a range of areas, so they can support other students around College with their general wellbeing and mental health.

Over the course of the programme, students develop skills in: Anxiety Management, Promoting self-esteem, Recognising Stress, Peer Mentoring, Communication Skills, Understanding Risk, Child Protection and Safeguarding, Utilising Case Studies, and Group Discussion. These Wellbeing mentors will now assist College Counsellor Helen Cunliffe with informal ‘Chance to Chat’ sessions, where students can seek advice and support for any issue they wish to discuss.

Counsellor Commends

Speaking on the Wellbeing Mentors, College Counsellor Helen Cunliffe said:

“The student wellbeing mentors offer fantastic one to one support to other students throughout the year, who have given nothing but positive feedback about having support from someone of a similar age.”

Assistant Principal (Student Progress and Wellbeing) Nicola Carcone praised the new Wellbeing Mentors:

“The Wellbeing Mentor Development Programme allows students to develop professional skills for the caring industry which in itself is excellent. But for me, it is a reflection of the type of students we get at Barton Peveril. They will become leaders in their chosen fields because they understand the importance of committing to developing themselves beyond the curriculum.”

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