Barton Peveril’s Wellbeing Week

Students create giant bubbles in the Quad.

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College celebrated its ‘Wellbeing Week’ in Mid-May, providing activities to support students and educate them on maintaining their wellbeing, especially during the exam season.

The Barton Peveril ‘Wellbeing Week’ is an initiative run during the National ‘Mental Illness Awareness Week’, which took place from Monday 15th – Sunday 21st May 2023. The College planned activities by following the five ways to wellbeing, as recommended by the charity Mind. The five ways to wellbeing are: Connect, Give, Learn, Be Active, and Be Present.

On Monday, students were delivered lesson starters to help them ‘Connect’ with their teachers, enabling students and teachers to develop their communication further. 

The following day students organised a bake sale, with proceeds totalling £76.30 going to the charity Solent Mind. Also on Tuesday, students were encouraged to ‘Give’ recognition to their peers and teachers. Overall, 290 recognitions were sent, which were then distributed to the students/staff mentioned.

Also, the monthly Digital Detox took place on Tuesday, with an additional Digital Detox taking place on Friday. The Digital Detox is an opportunity for students to grab a drink and a cake or a piece of fruit, without technology being around. During the detox, mobiles are not allowed, encouraging students to spend some time with their friends without distraction. Students that attended the detox said: 

It is rather fun to have a bit of a break from revision and speak to others.”

I feel refreshed and had fun talking to my friends without a screen.”

Students eat cakes and drink coffee/tea in the Digital Detox cafe

During the ‘Learn’ day, on Wednesday, students were able to learn some new skills and do fun activities. Activities on offer varied from juggling to badge-making.

During the ‘Learn’ day, on Wednesday, students were able to learn some new skills and do fun activities. Activities on offer varied from juggling to badge-making.

A student holds the badge she has just made
A student holds up the star he has just made.
A student juggles

On Thursday there were games and sports for students to participate in, and on Friday students had the opportunity to ‘Be Present’, with guided mindfulness.

The college Nurses handed out bananas and lavender oil.
Throughout the week, upon arrival, students were given bananas, and the opportunity to relax with a therapy dog and lavender oil.

Student Progress Advisor and Mental Health Lead, Sharyn Peters, Co-ordinated the Wellbeing Week with the Student Wellbeing Forum:

Wellbeing Week was a great success, it provided staff and students with opportunities to improve and manage their wellbeing in fun, simple ways. I am very proud of our Student Wellbeing Forum for devising so many wellbeing activities for staff and students during Wellbeing Week! We are committed to the continued development of a whole college approach to wellbeing and this week was a hugely positive example.”

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