Barton Peveril’s World Championship Cyclist

Barton Peveril Student Qualifies for 2022 BMX World Racing Championships

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College student Samantha Baird has qualified for the 2022 BMX Racing World Championships (over 17 category), which will take place in Nantes, France between 27th and 31st July 2022.

Baird, who joined Barton Peveril this year from The Toynbee School, qualified for the event by ranking 7th nationally in her age group for BMX Racing. The student has previously competed internationally in events in the USA, Azerbaijan, and Belgium.

The BMX Cyclist, in her first year of study at the Hampshire-based College, is part of the National School of Racing (NSR). NSR is one rung on the ladder to representing Team GB at the Olympics and gives Baird the opportunity to improve her skill alongside the best riders in the country. As part of NSR, Baird travels to Manchester every month to attend training sessions and masterclasses to help her in her bid to represent Team GB at the next Olympics.

Prior to the pandemic, which impacted her training, Baird was ranked first nationally for BMX racing in her age group. Now that she is able to return to normal training and competition, the student is looking to reclaim this title.

“I am back”

Barton Peveril student Samantha Baird has qualified for the 2022 BMX Racing World Championships

Speaking on her success, Samantha Baird said:

“I have achieved a few things over the last few years like National number one, British number 8 and received several sponsorships but then I lost my motivation. However, in the last year, I am back as I became National number 7, British number 7 and, on the 5th of December 2021, I was asked to ride for a new team, Mongoose. I’m now motivated and on the pathway for big successes.”

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