Barton Peveril’s Young Author

Barton Peveril Student Becomes Published Author

Barton Peveril Student Michael Leppan with his books.

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College student Michael Leppan has published his first two books. The 17-year-old College student released his self-help books Breaking Bad Habits and Eat for Success, in print and e-book form, this year.

Leppan, who recently moved to the United Kingdom from South Africa in 2018, began writing to inspire and educate others about the benefits of the healthy lifestyle he follows. Breaking Bad Habits was Leppan’s first project, which gave him the experience he needed to write Eat for Success. Eat for Success is Leppan’s longest project to date and is currently being prepared for release on Audible, with a professional narrator voicing the audiobook for the Barton Peveril student.

“An amazing achievement”

Both Breaking Bad Habits and Eat for Success are available for Barton Peveril students to loan, in the College’s Glyn Library. Speaking on the students’ success, Barton Peveril Library Manager Adam Say said:

“It’s an amazing achievement for Michael to have published two books while at Barton Peveril – and we’re very happy to have them on the shelves of the Glyn Library for other students to read and be inspired by. It takes time and effort just to write one book, let alone get it published so, Michael should be congratulated. Michael joins a host of other authors who were Barton Peveril students including Naomi Hamill, David Nicholls, and Hannah Walker.”

Michael Leppan commented on his most recent book, Eat for Success:

“I have written this book to better educate the everyday person on how to have a healthy lifestyle, without the need for extreme or excessive dieting. The aim of the book is to maximize energy, enhance performance and establish a link between a healthy lifestyle and success.”

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