Barton Peveril’s Rickshaw Challenger

The One Show’s Rickshaw Challenge for Children in Need

Credit: BBC Children in Need

First year Barton Peveril student Maisie Stocks has been announced as a member of The One Show’s Rickshaw Challenge raising awareness and money for Children in Need. Maisie is one of just six young people who will join presenter Matt Baker during the eight day challenge, which finishes on Friday 16th November, where the team will cycle the Rickshaw 423 miles from Calais to Salford.

The former Thornden School pupil earned her place in the team following a rigorous application process, which began when the Dwarf Sports Association put her name forward; Maisie has been part of the Dwarf Sport Association since she was four years old. The Association uses help from BBC Children in Need to deliver the National Dwarf Sport Games, designed to enhance the confidence, wellbeing and sense of community for young people and their families.

Proud Rickshaw Challenger

Speaking on the application process, which involved a telephone interview, a meeting with the producer of the challenge, and a selection weekend, Maisie said: “It was nerve-racking but I was excited for the opportunity. The potential team were all amazing, so if I didn’t get through I knew someone who deserved it would.”

Maisie was the last to find out if she had been accepted into the team as engineers at McClaren, who made this year’s Rickshaw, were unsure if the vehicle could be adapted to suit the Barton Peveril student. When asked how she felt upon finally receiving confirmation of her place, Maisie said: “Really excited. I was nervous because I’m putting my life and vulnerable side on TV but proud because I now realise what I can achieve.”

Credit: BBC Children in Need

Maisie, before beginning the challenge, said she feels “excitement definitely. I’m looking forward to being in a team that all get each other and get that we’re different. I’m going to focus on all the positives to get through the challenge.”

Maisie added: “College have put a plan in place to help me get work early, to help me make sure I don’t fall behind.” Maisie also said “my friends at College have always been supportive of me and are excited for me to do the challenge and think it will be an amazing experience.”

Vice Principal Rob Temple spoke highly of Maisie and her achievement, earning a place in the team: “It is fantastic to see a Barton Peveril student undertake such a difficult challenge, for a wonderful charitable cause. Maisie is an ambitious, dedicated and hardworking student and we wish her the best during her time on the Rickshaw.”

We cannot wait to see how Maisie does in the challenge, in November.

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