Beginning of the 2020/21 Academic Year

Page last updated: 24 August 2020, 13:30

We are looking forward to the return of students at Barton Peveril. As we approach the new academic year, there are a number of important pieces of information to ensure that all students can begin, or return to, their studies safely and efficiently.


Second Year students will begin the new academic year on Tuesday 1st September and will be in class and on campus for all lessons that week (until Friday 4th September). First Year students will then begin their year on Monday 7th September and will have all lessons on campus until Friday 18th September.

From Monday 21st September, we will switch to our blended learning timetable. All students will have two thirds of their lessons, for each subject, on campus and the remainder will be taught as live online lessons. Each lesson will be three hours in length and will be in either a morning or afternoon session. We plan to increase the number of lessons taking place on campus, once we are confident it is safe to do so.


The new Xelabus timetables are on their website and Bluestar timetables will be on their website soon. If intending to purchase an Academic Year Pass (£350) please do so as soon as possible to give bus companies a better indication of student numbers planning to use the service.

If students have not purchased or received their bus pass by the start of term, please do not worry as travel will be allowed for the first week (for each year group) on non-public routes (eg. 400 and 600 bus routes) without showing a bus pass. However, in this case, students should ensure they have proof they are a Barton Peveril student (any communication previously provided from the College, regarding their application or Enrolment, will be sufficient).

For students who only have access to one bus to and from college each day, there will be a study space available to them for any time they are on campus but not in lessons.


If you require any further information ahead of the Academic Year please email

One Comment “Beginning of the 2020/21 Academic Year”

  • Claire


    I am so looking forward to my daughter coming to Barton. I am desperate for her to come in to a normal timetable and to do all those Q extra activities.
    I hope the government are looking after the students and staff in this sector and not just focusing on school Students!


    Claire Davies

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