This year’s College production was Cabaret –  and the critics loved it!

WEB-Emcee-and-Two-Ladies-L_R-PaulaArguelles_Oli-Yeats-Brown_Rhian-LynchThe Daily Echo praised the ‘excellent performances of maturity and depth’ at the heart of the show, while Eastleigh MP Mike Thornton echoed the sentiments of many in the audience when he tweeted: “Just come back from a truly amazing performance of Cabaret at . I cannot believe it has been performed better anywhere else.”

Another accolade sent after the performance read:” I have just returned from an amazing evening watching the college performance of Cabaret. I was blown away by the performance of these youngsters. Such a professional, humorous, emotional performance which left me in tears at the end.”

A rapturous standing ovation goes to everyone involved in the show, whether on stage, in the band or behind the scenes. Congratulations on delivering such a powerful, memorable end to another amazing year!



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