Barton Peveril Students Think Creatively

On Thursday, 29th November, Barton Peveril students took a journey to learn more about creative careers through lectures delivered by key speakers.

This event saw each speaker passionately sharing insights into their respective fields, delving into their personal journeys and innovative ideas and navigating the dynamic landscapes of their professions. The students received the invaluable opportunity to engage and network with a distinguished panel of speakers which included:

  • Film and TV Director, Producer and Editor Gabrielle Wood, who is also a former Barton Peveril student. 
  • Portfolio Preparation with Imy Morris, University for the Creative Arts
  • Immersive Media Technology with Lucy Hayto, University for the Creative Arts 
  • Events and Festival Management with Holly Thompson, University for the Creative Arts 
  • Art Galleries and Curation with Florence Thomas, Engagement Curator and John Hansard Gallery. 
  • Radio with Alun Newman, Radio Present and Producer at BBC Radio Solent 
  • Film and Media with Evan Preston, Writer, Director and Founder of Presto Films. 
  • Foundation Art Diploma at Barton Peveril with Rob French
  • Commercial Photography with Rob Payne, Arts University Bournemouth 
  • Product Design with Bruce Valler, University of Portsmouth 

Filmmaking is the art of empathy, and it’s just all about putting yourself out there, marketing yourself, growing your contacts and your networks and finding your creative voice.

Gabrielle Wood, TV Director, Film and Editor (also a former student of Barton Peveril)

Key speaker, Alun Newman shares his experiences and challenges when it comes to being a BBC Radio Presenter:

I work for BBC Solent, and I’m a presenter there. I was a reporter and journalist… I have done all kinds of things! I’m here to talk about the BBC in every layer. I’m going to try to explain how the BBC is more than what most people perceive it to be. There are so many opportunities; it is mind-blowing!

Holly Thompson on Events and Festival Management: “I’m here today to inspire the next generation of event professionals. We’re going to be talking about the future of the event industry, how we can contribute to it, re-shape it, and make it something that has a legacy and is a very exciting course and industry for us to all get into.”
Rob Payne on Film and Media: “The talk today was just a very brief overview of the structure of the course, what students could be learning, the different types of units that they will work on, the different types of techniques that they might learn, discussing some of the ethics of AUB in terms of the cross course collaboration.”

Andy Wareham, Careers Advisor enthused about the event: 

A day like this is so important for raising students’ awareness of the opportunities available in the creative industries and to help dispel myths like ‘there are no jobs in the arts’. The speakers were fantastic in informing and inspiring their audiences today.

This experience broadens the students’ horizons and provides them with a unique perspective on the diverse and evolving realm of creative careers. Moreover, Barton Peveril remains committed to fostering an environment that nurtures curiosity and exploration, ensuring students are well-equipped to thrive in their future endeavours.

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