Celebrating 2024’s Oxbridge Offer Holders

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College students are once again celebrating Oxbridge triumph. This year, 23 students received offers to study at the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. Between the students, 11 students received a place to study at the University of Cambridge and 12 at the University of Oxford, studying a range of comprehensive subjects. 

Principal Rob Temple reflects on this year’s results: 

My congratulations to the students for their hard work and dedication to the process and to the staff and volunteer mentors who have given up their time to coach students and support them through the journey. My thanks also go to Winchester College staff, who, every year, provide Barton students with an authentic Oxbridge interview experience.

Arguably, this was a particularly tough year to secure a place at the most competitive universities like Oxbridge, as institutions are having to manage their numbers in light of the more generous awarding of GCSE grades in 2022 – but the bespoke support we are able to offer each individual is undoubtedly why we enjoy such a high interview-to-offer rate, which is amongst the best in the country

The successful Oxbridge students came from various secondary schools:

From left to right: Megan Robinson, Maxim Vorobev, Babikir Osman and Ollie Watremetz.

This year, 4 students from the Mountbatten School received offers to study at Oxford and Cambridge.

Former Mountbatten student, Ollie Watremetz speaks:

I’m incredibly grateful to the careers department for both the help they gave me in writing my personal statement, and for the opportunity to be a part of the mentoring process. I don’t imagine that my hope of getting into Oxford would have become a reality without these.

Toynbee also had two alumni earn Oxford offers: Joudy Sewidan (left) and Bran Bokhove (right). Joudy and Bran will be studying Medicine and Physics.

Rosie Mitchell, a former student of Noadswood, will be pursuing English Literature at the University of Oxford, and Harrison Ovenden, also from Noadswood, will be at the University of Cambridge studying Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology.

We are also celebrating these Barton Peveril students who have received offers to study at Oxford:

Former students of Bitterne Park, Anna Jenkin and Alex Jones, will attend Worcester College and Magdalen College. Anna Jenkin will study Geography, and Alex Jones will study Maths. Charlotte Goodchild, formerly of the Hamble school, will be studying Physics at St John’s College. Furthermore, Upper Shirley High alumni Archie Emery will be undertaking Law, while Martha Seymour, a former Wildern student, will be at Jesus College to undertake Human Sciences.

Barton Peveril students talking on their offer to study at the University of Cambridge:

Garam Lee, formerly of The Romsey School, speaks on his achievement of receiving an offer from the University of Cambridge to study Maths:

Getting into Trinity for Maths has been my dream for so long, and so to finally get an offer is amazing! I would like to thank both the Careers Department and the Maths Department for help throughout the application, countless mock interviews, and the continual support for the STEP entrance exam.

Alissa Patterson, undertaking Natural Sciences at Homerton College:

The Cambridge application process has developed my confidence and workload capacity, while deeply enriching my enthusiasm for Natural Sciences. I am now so grateful for the opportunity to continue my studies in such a renowned and beautiful setting.

Formerly of Cantell School, Rohan Wadhawan studying Computer Science at Queen’s College:

It was an absolute delight to receive news of my offer, and I am incredibly excited to be spending the next couple of years studying at Cambridge! Had it not been for the college’s support, I wouldn’t have even considered applying for Oxbridge, and I am really grateful for the immense help given throughout the entire application process.

Beth Everett, formerly of Thorden School, also received an offer to study Natural Sciences at Selwyn College.

Dougie Howells, Clare’s College studying Maths
Catrin Hughes-Gibbard, Emmanuel College, studying HSPS.
Jacob Allderidge, Fitzwilliam College, studying Chemical Engineering at Biotechnology
Zoe Gooding, Jesus College, studying Geography.

Aspire Coordinator, Clare Powell speaks:

It is wonderful to see the students’ hard work and passion for their subjects paying off. Oxbridge expects students to stretch themselves beyond the curriculum and these students have done this, either by attending additional lectures and trips, committing to mentoring or through their own additional reading and research. We look forward to inviting them back to Barton Peveril to hear their experiences and inspire our Year 1 students.

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