Culture Secretary visits

Students found themselves performing to a high profile audience when Culture Secretary Sajid Javid paid a flying visit at the invitation of Mims Davies, the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Eastleigh.

WEB_Culture-Secretary-Sajid-Javid-and-Mims-Davies-with-Barton-Peveril-performing-arts-students-236x300Mr Javid toured art, sport and performing arts facilities, dropping in on lessons, chatting to students and taking in a performance of songs from The Lion King.

Praising Barton Peveril’s investment in new facilities he said: “I was invited to come and see the college as a fantastic example of what’s going on here in Eastleigh and it is just that. I’ve been very impressed by what I’ve seen.

I think it’s very cutting edge…there’s a good investment in technology and it’s also an example of a college that keeps investing to stay ahead of the times.”

Following the visit, principal Jonathan Prest said:” It’s nice for students to see that politicians are interested in what they’re doing – and it’s nice for politicians to hear about some of the challenges we face in post-16 education.”

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