Curtain Call: Barton Peveril’s ‘A Chorus Line’

Cast 78 – The Finale ‘One’

From Wednesday 24th to Saturday 27th April, the Rose Theatre stage came alive with the dazzling performances of over 60 talented second-year performing arts students. Two unique casts delivered two unforgettable nights of entertainment, showcasing their passion and dedication to the art form over the last two years.

Our Class of 2024 excelled our expectations in presenting A Chorus Line to over 800 audience members at the end of April. The two casts took on some extremely poignant themes, sang with commitment and power, performed the choreography with finesse and gave many comical moments for our audiences to truly enjoy.

We are extremely proud of all that they have achieved in performing one of Musical Theatre’s most iconic musicals with maturity, accuracy and sensitivity.

After months of dedication to the show, it is fantastic to see that the hard work has been so well received but most importantly, to see the confidence and progression our fantastic class of 2024 have made in their two years studying with us.”

Lisa Fernandez-Adams, Subject Leader for Musical Theatre
Cast 56 – Zack, played by Jimmi Donnelly and Lori, played by Bethan Smith, featuring ‘The Line Cast’
Cast 56 – Richie, played by Zeth Franco

A Chorus Line has been such an amazing experience. It has been the best show to end our Barton journey on. I have learnt so much through this show, it was challenging yet extremely rewarding! A truly triple threat production, it has given us the opportunity to improve and refine our skills. I am so grateful that I got to share this with a group of insanely gifted people and creatives!

Maisy Rowell who played Maggie Winslow (78 Cast)

A chorus line was an incredible show to be a part of, performing people’s real life experiences really brought out the best in us.  Cassie was such an honour to play, but what made it so fulfilling was the most talented cast to perform with. This musical will always have a place in my heart.

Olivia Dabreo who played Cassie (56 Cast)
Cast 56 – Cassie, played by Olivia Dabreo
Cast 78 – Marc Anthony, played by Tobey Livingston

A Chorus Line was the most perfect show to complete our time on the musical theatre course. It was a challenging yet memorable experience and I couldn’t have asked for better people to perform alongside with. Playing Judy bought me so much joy and I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity. 

Lily Rochard who played Judy Turner (56 Cast)
Cast 78 – Cassie, played by Lydia O’Donovan

My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and we were blown away by the talent, professionalism and pizzazz!! I am extremely proud of our students, I know how much work they all put into the performances!

Sharyn Peters, Student Progress Advisor

The audience gave feedback including “Incredible! What a talented bunch of students who all shone so brightly, superstars”. Another audience member said “I could not believe that I was watching a college musical, it surpassed my expectations…I was blown away by the talent on stage from everyone involved”.

The Performing Arts Department hosts eagerly anticipated productions throughout the academic year, with recent highlights including the One Night Only Dance Shows, The Nutcracker and Alice by Laura Wade. With each production, the Performing Arts Department aims to create immersive experiences, captivating audiences with a wide variety of talent. The next performances include the Musical Theatre Showcase and The Wedding Singer. These are scheduled to take place at The Rose Theatre on the 17th June and from the 4th to 6th July 2024. Please find information as well as tickets through Barton Peveril Sixth Form College’s official Ticketsource:

For more information about Performing Arts at Barton Peveril Sixth Form College, please visit

For updates on Music Department activities, please follow their Instagram account: @bartonpeverilmusic For updates on Performing Arts Department activities, please follow their Instagram account: @bartonperformingarts

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